ARM Servers: Mobile CPU Architecture For Datacentres?

I am getting old. Back in my day, if you wanted top notch CPU performance, you had to go with a high-end x86 chip, or, if you had deeper pockets, you could get something exotic, like a PowerPC system. The industry’s dependence on x86 processors appeared to be increasing, not declining.

Ten years ago, Apple joined the x86 club, and this prompted many observers to conclude the era of non-x86 processors in the mass market was over. Just a few years later, they had to eat their words, and yet again, Apple had something to do with it. ARM servers are coming, and they could revitilise the server industry.

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9 Essential System Security Interview Questions

1. What is a pentest?

“Pentest” is short for “penetration test”, and involves having a trusted security expert attack a system for the purpose of discovering, and repairing, security vulnerabilities before malicious attackers can exploit them. This is a critical procedure for securing a system, as the alternative method for discovering vulnerabilities is to wait for unknown agents to exploit them. By this time it is, of course, too late to do anything about them.

In order to keep a system secure, it is advisable to conduct a pentest on a regular basis, especially when new technology is added to the stack, or vulnerabilities are exposed in your current stack.

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New location in Frankfurt!

We are proud to inform you that is ready to offer VPS hosting services at Versatel DC, our latest location in Frankfurt, Germany!

This data centre employ two independent power feeds that are connected to two separate substations. It is also connected to DE-CIX, the leading Internet Exchange for Central and Eastern Europe with over 500 international customers.

We have chosen locations that have high standards of reliability and an optimal Internet connection. In cooperation with leading carriers and hardware suppliers, we always guarantee quick and permanent availability of your applications.